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Crestline Hotels & Resorts is thrilled to offer all of our current employees a leisure travel discount at our hotels! We invite you to see the sites from coast to coast and with over 100 hotels to choose from your options are endless. We know how hard you work and are excited to extend this fantastic perk to you!

Making reservations couldn’t be easier! Click the state you are interested in and then under each hotel you will find a ‘Book Now’ button. Once you click this button, the employee travel discount code will populate automatically. Simply enter your dates of stay, click ‘check availability’ and complete your reservation. During the reservation process, please enter the full name of the hotel you currently work for in the ‘company name’ or ‘address’ field. That’s it!

There are a few ‘rules of the road.’ Reservations must be made online via this dedicated employee travel website. Reservations need to be made in advance (no more than 90 days out), and are based on availability. Please do not call each hotel and ask for the employee travel rate. If a hotel does not have the employee travel discount available, please be respectful of the hotel and search for a nearby option. Once you have confirmed your reservation, please be aware of the hotel’s cancellation and general policies as each hotel is different. Hotels with employee reservations arriving may verify employment status by calling the hotel listed on the reservation. If you, as the employee, are not available to personally check in and present ID, the rate may not be honored.

The employee travel discount program is available for current employees and is not to be used while traveling on business. These rates are only offered when the hotel’s occupancy is expected to be below 90%. Exceptions are made in major markets and exceptionally high-demand seasons. Hotels in these locations are priced at prevailing rates in busy season and have rare availability. Employees of any brand (or Independent hotel) within Crestline can book at any other Crestline hotel regardless of brand. Up to two rooms per night may be booked under the Employee Room Rate.

Any inappropriate conduct or behavior as a guest in a CHR Property will be dealt with as misconduct in connection with the employee’s employment. Any behavior deemed inappropriate by the management of the hotel where the employee is a guest will result in the employee receiving disciplinary action, loss of room discount privileges, written warnings, and possible termination of employment. Behavior of people sharing the employee’s room will reflect on the employee.

Crestline Hotels & Resorts may revise the Employee Rate Policy in regards to eligibility and terms at their discretion, with or without notice. Please reach out to your Human Resources Representative with any questions regarding this policy and the most up-to-date standards and procedures. Please contact us with any questions regarding this page at ecommerce@crestlinehotels.com.

Your next adventure is just a click away – take pictures, create memories and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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