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Providing a true partnership to our clients has been the guiding force at Crestline Hotels & Resorts since the day it was founded in 2000. To accomplish this goal, we collaborate with our owners and investors from the beginning and work together to create a unique, forward thinking and looking operations strategy that continually delivers results. Thanks to this personalized approach and process, Crestline is able to provide the same level of service and expertise to a wide variety of properties, from luxury urban landmarks, savvy sustainable hotels, cozy boutique resorts—and all levels in between.

What Drives us Forward

Our Mission:

At Crestline, our main goal is to enhance and grow our long-standing reputation as one of the nation’s most respected hospitality management companies. 

To achieve this goal, we’ll continue to exceed guest expectations, provide an engaging and supportive work environment, and deliver financial success and opportunities for our employees, our Company, our owners, and investors.

Our Values

Crestline’s culture is driven by these six core values:


We value each other, our guests, our business partners, and our environment.


We are genuine and open in our communication and business practices.

Commitment to Quality

We deliver services and products that exceed our guests’ expectations.


We listen, encourage, and support different approaches as we continually strive to improve.


We invest in personal and professional development.


We work together towards a shared goal.

Brands We're Proud to Partner With

Marriott Hotels

Hilton Hotels

Hyatt Hotels

Intercontinental Hotels Group

Crestline Independent Hotels Collection

Get To Know Our Fearless Leaders

Our leadership team knows—and does—what it takes to deliver the best hotel management group services possible. How? Over 25 years of experience combined with an unwavering dedication to their employees and partners.

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Make your Best Career Move

If you’re looking for work that is more than just a job, you’ve come to the right place. At Crestline, we focus on helping our employees grow professionally and move forward within the company.

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